Stump Removal vs Stump Grinding: Which is Better?

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Stump removal is an undeniable inconvenience once you remove a large tree on your property. Once you get rid of the tree, you will realise that the stump is the bigger problem. Fortunately, there are two ways to remove a stump: removing it entirely or grinding it. Although both strategies aim at getting rid of the tree stump, they come with glaring differences. In this article, we’ll examine each strategy’s two sides and determine which one is more practical.

Stump Removal

If you choose stump removal Adelaide by excavating it, it means that you don’t leave any trace of it behind. It involves pulling it off the ground, which requires a ton of force and proper equipment. Since there’s the need to operate a machine, stump removal typically involves professional tree removal services. Unless you’re an experienced arborist or engineer, then you’re better off hiring someone to do stump removal on your property.

Furthermore, removing a stump usually leaves a mark because of the mess created by the equipment. You ought to consider that before you decide to hire a contractor. You don’t want to do a last-minute change of heart after the stump removal contractor tells you about it.

Anyhow, the strongest argument for removing a stump is the fact that you’re getting rid of the roots. It means that there’s no chance for sprouting or regrowth. When you hire a company for stump removal, see to it that you discuss the disposal process. There’s no way for you to dispose of the roots and stump with your bare hands. In a way, stump removal isn’t only an extensive procedure, and it also costs more than stump grinding.

Stump Grinding

The one thing going for stump grinding is that it doesn’t need heavy equipment. Nonetheless, it doesn’t make it any less intricate. The process requires the excavation of the stump but without the need to include the roots. It is still technically a method of removing the stump. But because it doesn’t involve removing the roots, then there’s no need for large equipment. Some homeowners choose to rent a stump grinder and do the job on their own. By grinding the stump, you expect to produce a lot of sawdust. However, it isn’t as messy as you’d imagine since the sawdust usually blends with the soil.

Removing a stump by grinding it is indeed faster, but its most notable drawback is that it leaves room for the stump to grow back. The reason is that the roots are still there. Even with no visible sprouts or signs of regrowth, there’s a chance that the roots are still thriving and spreading. Even if the roots eventually die, there’s a risk of decay.

No matter what your choice, it’s imperative that you hire experts to do stump removal Adelaide. The process may look relatively straightforward, but the danger is always present because of handling tools or equipment with cutting blades in them.