Tree Stump Removal Adelaide – Overview of the Chemical Method

Are you dealing with a tree stump that’s too large to remove by hand? Is stump burning not legal in your area? If you’re running out of options, there’s an easier tree stump removal method that you should consider: the chemical method.

Over time, wood will eventually decay and rot away. However, you’ll have to wait for years for this to happen. Fortunately, there’s a way to speed up this process. You can keep the stump moist by adding high-nitrogen fertilizers. You can also use potassium-nitrate tree stump removal granules. These chemicals will make the decaying process faster.

However, keep in mind that it will still take months or even an entire year before a stump rots to the ground completely. However, this method’s perk is relatively easy; it doesn’t require manual labour. So if you’re not in a rush in removing your tree stump, you can choose this method.

Project Metrics

This tree stump removal Adelaide method will take one to three hours, depending on your stump size. However, it will take up to a year for the entire decaying process to complete. The products needed for chemical stump removal usually cost around $5 to $10. This price is for a one-pound container.

Materials and Tools Needed

You will also need a chainsaw, which will cost $50 for electric and $300 for gas-powered. Other necessary materials include a drill, a plastic tarp, garden mulch, and the chemical. The chemical you will use to hasten the decay process will either be high-nitrogen garden fertilizer, or potassium-nitrate tree stump removal granules. You can purchase all of these materials online or on your local hardware store.


  1. Use a chainsaw to cut the stump down as close to the ground. Don’t allow the chainsaw’s teeth to strike the ground as it will dull or break it completely. Make sure you wear steel-toes boots to protect your feet from accidents. If you don’t have a chainsaw, a bow saw is a good alternative.
  2. Using your drill, punch holes deep into the stump in different places. Use the biggest and widest drill bit to make deeper and wider holes.
  3. Before you add the high-nitrogen fertilizer, fill the holes with water first. Again, if you don’t have a high-nitrogen fertilizer, you can use potassium-nitrate tree stump removal Adelaide granules.
  4. Water the ground surrounding the stump and cover it with a plastic tarp. The tarp will be the barrier that will help retain moisture inside and around the stump. Moisture will be a factor that will dissolve the stump completely.
  5. Apply an organic garden mulch such as hay or tree bark. It will hold as much moisture as it can, so water it thoroughly. In addition, wet garden welch is also heavy, which will keep the tarp in place. That way, it won’t get blown away by strong winds. The mulch will also hide the tarp from sight. With the mulch-covered tarp on top of it, the stump will also be invisible as it starts to rot away. For additional weight, you can add some heavy stones around the edges or the tarp.
  6. In the next few weeks, remove the mulch and tarp, periodically, and apply more water and nitrogen fertilizer to the stump. Cover it again and repeat the process in the coming weeks.
  7. After four to six weeks, you will notice that the stump has become soft and spongy. It will start to break down. Use an axe to break some of the larger chunks of wood. If parts cannot be broken up and removed, treat these areas again with water and nitrogen.