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Is There a Difference Between Removal and Grinding of a Tree Stump?

You thought that the most challenging part is over with once you removed the diseased tree on your property. But after seeing the stump, you realised that you’re merely halfway there. The stump may look like an unassuming and harmless remnant of what was once a mighty tree, but it goes deep into the land. The roots attached to it makes it way more challenging to remove. It’s why some property owners choose not to remove it. Meanwhile, others opt for stump grinding instead of total removal.

A tree stump may not give you problems at the moment, but the longer you ignore it, the more it becomes a nuisance. Old stumps get in the way of mowing the lawn, plus it becomes a tripping hazard to your kids and pets when they play in the yard. Don’t forget the fact that you’ll never be able to use the space occupied by the stump for practical purposes.

So, every property owner’s smartest decision is to get rid of the stump as soon as possible. Now, your predicament comes in how you’ll proceed with it. Handling a tree stump usually involves two different approaches: stump removal and grinding. What’s the difference?

Your choice depends on your plans for your land. Our job is to let you in on the differences between the two. The majority of property owners stick to stump removal in Adelaide because it gives them a bigger room to decide what to do with their landscape in the foreseeable future. But stump grinding has its viable arguments, too.

Stump removal is more intrusive, to say the least – the reason being the fact that it requires digging and lifting the tree stump. The process requires powerful tools and equipment because it seeks to remove the stump and the roots as well. Considering the laborious endeavour and the inclusion of heavy machinery, you’d expect for stump removal Adelaide to be more expensive. However, the upside to it is that you’ll end up with a clean yard for whatever purpose you have in mind. Yes, it’ll leave a large hole, but that’s easily remedied by having it filled with soil.

Meanwhile, stump grinding offers a simpler and more straightforward process of getting rid of the stump on your property. It involves the use of a smaller machine, the stump grinder, to shred the stump down. You’ll end up with woodchips and sawdust on your land but clean up process is no big deal as you can let the debris combine with the soil over time.

Stump grinding is indeed more efficient, but many property owners don’t think it’s enough to solve the problem. You see, grinding doesn’t address the roots. So, even if you’ve removed the stump, there’s a chance for the roots to continue spreading. It’ll give room for regrowth. You might see some new sprouts after a few years. In case the roots eventually die, it may lead to decay. In other words, grinding is an incomplete method of eliminating tree stumps.