Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Leave Tree Stumps on Your Property

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You’ve recently decided to cut down a couple of trees in your property. Whatever the reason, you must face the responsibility of dealing with the stumps. Some property owners believe stump removal Adelaide isn’t worth their effort and time. After all, they look harmless.

Tree stumps may look like innocuous, but they aren’t. Aside from being an eyesore, they cause a handful of inconveniences. If you decide to leave it on your property, then you’re mistaken. This article helps you understand why stump removal Adelaide must be performed as soon as possible.

1 – Tree stumps must be removed because they’re a physical hazard.

Cutting down a tree and leaving the stump behind will instantly create a tripping hazard to anyone who walks by it. No matter where the stump is, as long as it disrupts foot traffic, it’ll cause injuries due to tripping. As a physical hazard, the stump may also damage lawnmowers and other gardening equipment when the one operating them doesn’t see it. Your kids and pets running around the yard could easily trip over it; that’s the last thing you want, but you’ll keep putting them at risk if you don’t remove the tree stump on your property.

2 – Get rid of the stumps because they spread disease.

Just imagine how filthy a rotting tree looks like; well, that’s what you’re getting on your property if you fail to remove a tree stump. Letting it stand for several months or years may kill it, but there’s a possibility that it will endure and eventually invite disease. Also, if you got rid of the tree because it was diseased, there’s a high probability that the stump also carries the disease. The worst part is that it may even spread it to nearby trees and vegetation. If you don’t want other trees and plants to get infected, remove the stump that might harbour it.

3 – A tree stump has the potential to cause damage to the sidewalk.

Be reminded that a tree’s roots won’t easily give in, even after bringing it down. As long as you retain the stump, there’s a chance for the roots to keep on spreading. When it does, the stump eventually develops new sprouts. Also referred to as “suckering,” this new growth will spread uncontrollably, finding its way to the sidewalks where it becomes a tripping hazard to pedestrians. If you ignore Adelaide’s stump removal, you could be liable when someone else gets injured after tripping on the sidewalk due to the sprouts.

Remove the Stump by Hiring an Expert

It makes no sense to wait it out. Some property owners choose this path without realising that it may take decades for a tree stump to decay. While there’s an option to use chemicals, we don’t recommend it as it’ll put everyone at risk of exposure. It may also kill nearby trees and plants. The most convenient solution is to hire an Adelaide tree stump removal contractor. Professionals come equipped with the tools to get rid of the stump with zero risks and maximum efficiency.