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Why Is Stump Removal Important?

stump removal Adelaide

Removing a stump may not be on your list of priorities right now, but there’s a handful of reasons on why you should pay attention to it. As harmless as it looks, a stump can cause more than just inconvenience. It’s an eyesore, but that’s the least of your concerns right now.

Here are five reasons for stump removal Adelaide:

1 – Stumps are no good for the property’s curb appeal.

No one will applaud the presence of a stump on your property. The truth is that it’s quite unsightly, especially when it’s in the front lawn. No matter the reason for removing a tree, the stump should go, too. Most homeowners don’t worry that much about stumps because they’re innocuous – they sit there. Well, give it a few years, and you’ll see it transform into a rotten mess.

2 – There are dangers associated with stumps.

Regardless of where it stands, the stump remains a hazard; something that causes injury or damage to property. Children and pets running around the yard are at risk of tripping. When covered with vegetation, the guy you hired to mow the lawn may not notice it, eventually running his lawnmower over it and causing significant damage. Those risks should be more than enough reason for an immediate stump removal Adelaide.

3 – Stumps in the rotting stage will attract insects and pests.

Ignoring a tree stump means you’re allowing it to rot; it will eventually start to decay after a year or so. The decaying matter attracts a host of insects and pests, i.e., termites, carpenter ants, wood-boring beetles, and even rats. Moreover, a decaying stump poses a health concern for nearby trees since disease and pests are likely to thrive in it. You don’t want that stump near your house because wood-destroying insects such as termites and carpenter ants will soon find their way in your living space.

4 – The tree stump may cause re-growth.

Another reason to remove a tree stump on your Adelaide property is that it may lead to a re-growth. Perhaps you don’t know it, but fresh stumps can quickly grow back since the roots underneath them remain unscathed. This happens if the tree wat cut down close to or slightly above grade. As a result, sucker growth is likely to occur in just a few weeks. You won’t have this problem if you remove the stump in the first place.

5 – Stumps harbour disease.

One of the reasons why trees are cut down is because of disease. You decide to cut a tree on your property because the disease almost kills it and you don’t want it to spread to other trees and vegetation. But if you leave the stump, there’s a big chance that it still harbours the disease, causing it to spread to other plants.

Investing your hard-earned money for professional stump removal makes sense, and the reasons we just discussed are proof of that.